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Exotic THCa Flower | Gary Payton - Sativa THC-A Strain

Exotic THCa Flower | Gary Payton - Sativa THC-A Strain

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 Smoke like a legal state with our THCA Flower

The best THC-A in North Carolina



 Gary Payton:

The effects slam into your mind with high potency and launch it into pure euphoria. As your mind flies higher and higher, you'll feel an increase in your energy level accompanied by focus and sometimes a case of giggles. This bud has a spicy yet sweet and savory diesel flavor with a lightly herbal exhale. The aroma is very similar, although with a heavy pungency that lingers long after the nugs are burned away. A sensory journey awaits as you take in the spicy, savory diesel flavors of this exclusive THCa Flower. This potent and euphoria-inducing strain will lift your mind and boost your energy, leaving you focused with a touch of playfulness. The lingering aroma of this one-of-a-kind cannabis will transport you to a world of luxury and indulgence.

Experience an authentic cannabis experience with our 32% Exotic THCa Flower, cultivated by the USA's most skilled growers.  Enjoy the full benefits of THC-A with psychoactive effects.


Product Effects:

  • Our Gary Payton sativa strain Exotic THCA flower is euphoric and psychoactive when smoked or heated.
  • Those with lower THC tolerances will experience stronger effects.
  • Consumers with developed THC tolerance may want to ingest higher dosages for strong effects.


 Product Details:

  • User discretion is advised on smoking in public.


Usage Instructions:

Remove the flower from the packaging, roll it into a joint/blunt, or pack a glass piece.



THC-A Hemp Flower


Shipping Details:

    • Any shipping option is safe for these!
    • This product does not require cooled shipping.
    • Only choose cooled shipping if you plan on having our gelatin gummies shipped in the same order.
      • Gelatin gummies only need cooled shipping when temperatures en route are ≥ 77°F.



    Depending on your tolerance, height/weight, BMI, and overall health.  If you are not experienced with consuming THC, a dose of our THC-A of more than 10mg may be too much for you.  Be an informed consumer and educate yourself on the effects of THC-A before consumption.  You can always take more, but you cannot take less. If you experience adverse symptoms from overconsumption called: "Greening Out," make sure to be in a safe space and seek medical attention if necessary. It will take a while for "Greening Out" consumers to return to normal.  DO NOT consume too much.  Dosage per gummy is NOT a prescription, and everyone reacts differently.  
    Do not operate heavy/dangerous machinery while under the influence of this product.  Keep out of reach from children and animals, strictly for ages 21 and up.
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