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CBD Flower Shake (1 Ounce)

CBD Flower Shake (1 Ounce)

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Our 1-ounce packs of CBD & CBG flower shake deliver all of the NAM quality standards of our premium Hemp Flower, while saving you money and time spent grinding it up. Shake is a phenomenally versatile product that results from the flower buds being “shaken” together over time and is no different from flower buds that have been ground using a grinder.

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Try CBD/CBG Flower Shake

Our shake can be used in all kinds of ways to take your flower routine to the next level. Many people like to use it to roll joints or pack into their favorite pipe/flower vaporizer. But you can also use it to infuse baked goods with CBD/CBG and all of the other valuable compounds found in the hemp plant, or create infused oils to make your own tinctures, topicals and more.

Top-Shelf Quality

Our shake comes from organically grown, locally sourced hemp plant material that undergoes a strict third-party lab-testing process. It’s harvested fresh every month. You can choose your preferred strain and know you’re getting nothing but premium hemp in every ounce.



**This product is 50 State Federally Legal Hemp. This product along with every product on THIS website is compliant with the 2018 Farm bill Section 7606**

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